Where is your haven when anxiety overwhelms you like a wild Africa storm?

When the storms of life churn wildly like that of an open African plain, we all need a haven of peace. But even when the weather is calm, we still need to maintain balance. The faith we build when we are strong, is what holds us up during the crisis. In this website, Paul and Sandra show you their attempts at harmonious living, through both storm and calm. 

Paul began the site as a showcase for his novel series called Africa Storm (hence the hints of wild Africa), but he soon realized that was not enough. "How would I accumulate the volume of news for regular blogs and Facebook feeds?" he thought. So he expanded it to include the rest of his life and that of his family. Paul will still keep you current with news of his novels in the Africa Storm blogs. As he explained, "From my upbringing in Africa to being a grandfather in America, God has brought me through a life of diversity and challenge. I'd like to share what He has taught me." And, of course, there is a better half, so Sandra's perspective is also revealed. There are sections for work and play, faith and family. Since Paul is a self employed dabbler, his work involves several things: photography, authorship, handyman construction. There are blog categories for each. Since everyone loves to eat, Paul and Sandra show you two sides of their kitchen door in the Garden2kitchen category; Paul is outside tending the garden and Sandra is inside making the most of the produce. Look for recipes and cooking tips. Paul is still a boy at heart when it comes to adventure. He likes to ride bicycle, canoe, backpack, and tent camp. At the center of it all for them both is faith and family, and they share their experience and insight in respective categories.

Whether God calms the storm or allows it to ravage wildly, he will provide a haven of peace to the one who trusts Him. Paul and Sandra hold to this promise from Philippians 4:7. "And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."